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Free for individual use – you will need MS-Excel 2003 or later installed on your computer to use these. Requests for extra features & corrections are welcomed here

Gas Blending Utility Spread Sheets

Partial Pressure gas blender spreadsheet, metric, with gas costingsPartial Pressure Gas blender METRIC Partial Pressure gas blender spreadsheet, Imperial, with gas costingsPartial Pressure Gas blender IMPERIAL Continuous Flow Gas Blender - Flow rate Injection calculator for Nitrox, Trimix, Heliar, CostsContinuous gas Blender Injection rate calculator Continuously blend Nitrox, Trimix, Heliar using only  2 Nitrox analyzersContinuous gas Blender Trimix Using 2 nitrox Analyzers top up an existing nitrox tank to a differrent nitrox percentage and pressure using a continuous blenderContinuously Gas Blender Top up calculator

Compressor Utilities

Dive Shop Compressor Choice Calculator. Find out what compressor size you need to buy to fill all the tanks in your dive center in a set time with a specified air bank size. Lists all popular Bauer, Coltrisub, L & W ModelsCompressor size calculator Divers breathing air compressor filter lifetime calculator.Compressor Filter cartridge Lifetime Calculator - How much are your filter costs per tank? (Bauer, Coltrisub)Compressor Filter lifetime calculator Air Compressor drive motor power caculator spreadsheet. How many horsepower engine or how many KW electric motor do you need to drive your compressorcompressor drive engine horse power calculator Compressor drive motor pulley wheel size calculatorCompressor Pulley Wheel size calculator Compressor delivery rate Analyzer - What is your compressors filling rate in Liters/MinuteCompressor Fill rate analyzer Air Compressor adiabatic compression temperature calculator - what temperature does the gas in a cylinder head reach when it is compressed?Compressor Cylinder head Adiabatic temperature rise calculator

Rebreather Utilities

Carbon Dioxide Scrubber Lifetime Calulator using Sodalime or Molecular SieveCarbon Dioxide Scrubber Lifetime Calculator For rebreathers and compressor pre-filters