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A person who has successfully completed the Dive Industry Technicians Qualification or until 1st March 1988. A person who has at least one year’s experience in the maintenance and repair of diving equipment and two manufacturers equipment clinic certificates.

Pre-requisites: Hold the Dive Industry Technicians Certificate
Level of responsibility: An ASSET Certified Technician may undertake the maintenance or repair on those makes, and models of equipment for which Certification is held, carry out a broad variety of maintenance activities and dispense breathing air. Ideally, an ASSET Technician should work under the indirect supervision of an Advanced Technician or higher until experience is gained.

Note : This is the minimum grade required in order to work without direct supervision in an IDEST approved service center. Additionally the Technician is certified to operate and maintain a compressed air system without supervision, and to test cylinders under the indirect supervision of an ASSET certified cylinder tester in an IDEST approved test station.