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“More than 20Gbyte byte of servicing sheets and thousands of parts now held online” maintains a large database of up-to-date Technical information for servicing most of the worlds SCUBA regulators, Compressors and Scuba tanks. Information on compressors, cylinders & valves is available directly from the menu bar above. Servicing manuals, technical data and scuba regulator spare parts listings are made available to certified Scuba Equipment technicians only directly from this link >>>


SCUBA Regulator Servicing Guidelines

Notes: SCUBA Manufacturers are general reticent to publish any more detailed scheduled maintenance guidelines for their equipment other than ‘service annually’

Meeting with several manufacturers representatives to try and obtain more detailed servicing information based on numbers of dives & hours of use revealed the following information – (be sure to bear this in mind when deciding on how often you service your own or your dive operations equipment).

Important notes

#1 SCUBA regulators contain rubber o-rings that perish, dry out and develop cracks as time goes buy. Even if a regulator is not used, once it is a few years old, all the o-rings will need replacing

#2 SCUBA regulators contain parts that are subject to wear and tear every time a breath is taken from the regulator. Thus many parts will need replacing once a certain number of dive hours have been logged.

#3 SCUBA regulators are typically designed for recreational diving use. Since diving is an expensive activity, most divers have a real job and work 5 days a week. They thus only get a chance to dive at weekends. A busy recreational diver will likely spend Saturday with his family and with luck, will be able to go diving on Sunday where he’ll do 2 dives, lasting under an hour each. Thus for an acceptable one year annually service, SCUBA regulator manufacturers design their product to meet the requirements of this hypothetical weekend diver – to be able to survive (52 weekends x 2) =104 dives and (52 weekends x2) 104hours supplying divers breathing gas.

SCUBA regulators are NOT designed for 24 hour/day use!

The following recommendations result

  • Personally owned SCUBA equipment used for recreational diving activity:
  • Equipment used 100 dives or less per year should be serviced at least once per year.
  • Equipment used more than 100 dives per year should be serviced after every 100 dives prior to further use.
  • Equipment stored more than 6 months should be inspected/serviced as required, prior to use.
  • SCUBA Equipment used for diver training and/or consumer rental activities:
  • Equipment should be inspected prior to every use.
  • Equipment should be serviced at least once every 6 months regardless of use.
  • Equipment should be serviced after 100 dives prior to further use.
  • Equipment stored for more than 3 months should be inspected / serviced as required, prior to use.
  • Regardless of ownership or intended use:
  • Equipment should be inspected/serviced if it displays any signs of leakage, malfunction, free flowing, any signs of deterioration, or improper performance or breathing effort.
  • Equipment should be inspected / serviced if the first stage inlet filter shows any sign of residue or discoloration.


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Note: Regulator spare parts kits, custom regulator repair tools, and regulator tech data are only made available to personnel holding manufacturer service certificates for the items ordered or other approved training in scuba life support equipment repair

* This information is made available registered technicians only via a password protected entry page

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