Nitrox Technician


Supplementary qualification (No membership fee).

A person qualified at Technician grade or higher with additional training in the service, repair and maintenance of apparatus for use with oxygen enriched breathing mixtures and gas mixing.

Pre-requisites: Hold the ASSET Technician grade or higher and have complete both the ASSET Nitrox Technician and Gas Blenders Course


Hold the ASSET Technicians grade or higher and hold both Nitrox Technicians and Gas Blender Certificates from any Nitrox Training Agency and complete a Nitrox Skills Assessment and ASSET Standards Orientation Course.

Level of responsibility: May undertake the service, repair and conversion of apparatus for use with oxygen enriched breathing mixtures including transportable gas cylinders and their valves, and undertake the preparation and dispensing of oxygen enriched breathing mixtures. The Nitrox Technician may work unsupervised

Notes :

1. This additional Certification must be held by the Advanced Technician or Cylinder Tester responsible for an IDEST Approved Service Centre and or Test Station where Oxygen Enriched SCUBA is converted or maintained in accordance with ASSET CP3.
2. This is a Dual Grade, ASSET Certified Nitrox Technicians are trained and certified to maintain equipment and blend Oxygen Enriched Breathing Mixtures