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The Association of SCUBA Service Engineers and Technicians (ASSET) has developed Standards, Codes of Practice and Procedures against which the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and testing (IDEST) will independently inspect and assess a Center that applies for IDEST Approval.

The IDEST Committee will appoint a Chief Engineer who will be responsible for assembling and supervising a small team of experienced Engineers or Technician Engineers who will be appointed as Inspectors. The Inspectors will carry out the required Center Approval visits and report to the Chief Engineer. The IDEST Chief Engineer will grant Center Approval. The Center may then style itself “An IDEST Approved Center” for one or more of the following:

There will be four types of IDEST Approved Center:

1. A Center Approved In accordance with ASSET CP1 for the Maintenance or Repair of Open Circuit Underwater Air Breathing Apparatus.

2. A Center Approved In accordance with ASSET CP2 for the Periodic Inspection and Testing of Transportable Pressure Receptacles.

3a. A Center Approved In accordance with ASSET CP1 and CP3 Pt1 for The Maintenance or Repair or Conversion of Open Circuit Underwater Breathing
Apparatus for use with Oxygen Enriched Breathing Gases, and/or:

3b. A Center Approved In accordance with ASSET CP2* and CP3 Pt2 The Cleaning and Conversion of Transportable Pressure Receptacles and their Valves for use with Oxygen Enriched Breathing Gases.

4a. A Center Approved In accordance with ASSET CP4 Pt1 for the Preparation and Dispensing of HP Breathing Air and

4b. A Center Approved In accordance with ASSET CP4 Pt2 for the Preparation and Dispensing of Oxygen Enriched Breathing Mixtures.

* Centers that are not approved for Cylinder Testing may be approved to Oxygen clean cylinders but must comply with certain clauses of ASSET CP2 see ASSET CP3 Pt2

Center Actions

  • A Center seeking one or more approvals will initially contact IDEST for the relevant form (attached).
  • The Center must purchase the relevant ASSET Approval Pack(s) (available from IDEST admin office), which contains a checklist, outline Workshop Procedures and a copy of the relevant Code of
    Practice. Additional copies of ASSET Codes of Practice are available separately.
  • The ASSET Approval Packs are used by the Center to assist with the production of written procedures and preparation for each IDEST Inspection.
  • The Center management should fill out and send the attached registration and inspection request form together with the appropriate fee(s) to IDEST.
  • The Center will use the checklist contained in the Approval Pack to verify that they have the required documents, equipment and facilities for approval.
  • When the Center management are satisfied that the Center is ready for Inspection(s), they should contact IDEST to arrange a mutually acceptable inspection date.

IDEST Inspection fees*

The IDEST Committee will set appropriate fees covering:

  • Initial registration and inspection for each type of approval.
  • Annual registration.
  • Biennial re-inspection.
  • Reductions for multiple inspections on the same day. * Fees can be found on the current application and renewal forms. Inspection and registration fees are non-refundable.

IDEST Actions

  • On receiving a registration/inspection form and appropriate fee(s) the Center will be placed on the IDEST register as “awaiting inspection”.
  • The IDEST Chief Engineer or the designated Inspector will telephone the Center to arrange an inspection visit. The Inspector will use the opportunity to discuss the Approval process so that
    time will not be wasted due to simple errors and misunderstandings.
  • On the agreed date, an IDEST Inspector will visit the Center and carry out an inspection(s) in accordance with a prepared checklist(s) relating to the applicable Code(s) of Practice.
  • The Inspector will fill out an inspection report(s), adding appropriate comments.
  • The Inspector and Center’s representative will sign the completed inspection report(s).
  • After discussing a satisfactory inspection report with the Inspector, the IDEST Chief Engineer will normally grant the appropriate Approval.

Outstanding Items and Re-inspection

  • The Inspector will agree any outstanding items and actions to be taken with the Center Management, a copy of which will be left with the Center Management for action.
  • The Inspector will submit the list of outstanding items to the Chief Engineer who will confirm the outstanding items and actions to be taken to the Center Management (normally within seven days).
  • Any disagreement between the Center Management and the Inspector will be referred to the IDEST Chief Engineer for a determination.
  • When the number of items is few and of a non-serious nature, the Chief Engineer may decide that a re-inspection will not be required. Under such circumstances the center will be required to furnish supporting evidence e.g. photographs documents or signed statements as proof of compliance.
  • If the Chief Engineer decides that the items outstanding warrant, then a re-inspection will be scheduled with the Center at a mutually convenient time and date.
  • On satisfactory completion of outstanding items, the Chief Engineer will grant approval.
  • Every effort within reason will be made to assist the Center to achieve approval.
  • The Center may request a re-inspection by a different inspector.
  • The cost of any re-inspection(s) will be born by the Center.

IDEST Approved Center Status

  • When Approval is granted the Center will be sent a Wall Certificate(s) and Window Decal(s) stating which approval(s) the center has been granted and for cylinder testing a Unique Metal
  • Each Approval Certificate lasts for one year after which it must be renewed.
  • It is a condition of approval that IDEST Approval and ASSET Technicians Certificates are displayed prominently in the public area of the premises.
  • If Approval lapses or is withdrawn the Center shall immediately remove any reference to IDEST Approval from its advertising, cease using any unique IDEST stamp mark or label and remove IDEST Approval Certificates and Stickers from public view.

Advertising IDEST Approval by an Agent or collection point

  • When another Center acts as an agent or collection point for an IDEST Approved Center the Agent shall not give the impression that it is itself Approved. An agent therefore may not simply display the IDEST number of their Servicing/Testing provider on their premises or in their advertising.
  • Such “collection points” may only style themselves as “Agent for IDEST No….”
  • The intention to use an agent(s) shall be declared to IDEST prior to commencement of an agency agreement. Each agent shall be named in the centers procedures.
  • The booking in/out and handling procedures to be used for such arrangements shall form part of the Approved Centers written Procedures.
  • IDEST Approved Center’s shall be held responsible for the actions of their agents.
  • When an Agent arrangement ceases, the Approved Center shall ensure that all reference to IDEST is removed from their former agents premises and advertising.
  • It shall be deemed a reason for IDEST to withdraw Approval if an Approved Center allows their Approval number to be used inappropriately.

In order to retain IDEST Approval, the Center must:


  • Provide a declaration(s), on the appropriate form, of compliance with each ASSET Code(s) of Practice for which the Center wishes to maintain IDEST Approval.
  • Pay the appropriate re-registration fee(s) to IDEST.
  • Provide any additional information required by the Chief Engineer.


  • Undergo a re-inspection by an IDEST Inspector, this will be similar to the initial inspection and is required for quality assurance purposes and also to confirm that all arrangements are
    still in place and that the Center complies with the most current version of the ASSET Code(s) of Practice.
  • Pay the appropriate re-registration and re-inspection fee(s).

Complaints procedure:

  • Complaints about an IDEST Approved Center shall in the first instance be addressed to the IDEST Chief Engineer
  • Complaints from whatever source will only be accepted in writing.
  • Complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.
  • The IDEST Chief Engineer will evaluate each complaint and decide on what enquiries and/or action is to be taken.
  • The Center will be given the opportunity to answer the complaint, and if necessary, justify their actions
  • The Center will be given the opportunity to address and make good any deficiencies.
  • An inspection visit will be made if indicated.
  • Re-training of staff may be required if indicated.
  • The cost of any inspection, training or upgrading will be borne by the Center.

Center Approval will cease or be withdrawn if:

  • There are any major changes to the organization or premises that affect Maintenance Activities. *
  • Ownership of the Center changes. *
  • The nominated ASSET Certified Technician leaves or is replaced. **
  • The Center no longer complies with the Code(s) of Practice.
  • There are persistent breaches of the Code(s) of Practice.
  • If a serious complaint is upheld or cannot be resolved.
  • The Center or its Staff brings ASSET or IDEST into disrepute.

* A new application and inspection will be required.
** An ASSET Technician must be employed and IDEST informed of the change.

Right of appeal

  • Normally, in matters of Quality and the maintenance of Standards the IDEST Chief Engineer’s decision will be final.
  • Where a decision has been made to withdraw approval (other than for non-payment of fees), the Center shall have the right of appeal.
  • Appeals against withdrawal of approval should be made in writing to the Chairman of the SITA Joint Technical Steering Group (TSG) within 21 days.
  • The TSG will discuss the relevant issues with the IDEST Chief Engineer and a determination will be agreed. The Center will be informed of the result of the appeal within 7 days of the TSG meeting.
  • This decision shall be final.

IDEST reserves the right to publish a list of Approved Centers and those centers that are no longer approved together with the reason for withdrawal of approval.


Any company or individual can become IDEST Approved providing that they are an established business, have suitable workshop facilities, and are trained and equipped in accordance with the appropriate ASSET Standards and Code(s) of Practice.

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