Composite Cylinder Inspection Course


composite cylinder level 3 cut

ASSET is pleased to announce the launch of its Composite Cylinder Inspection & Testing Course.

This training course is essential for cylinder inspectors who have duties inspecting the lightweight composite cylinders popularly used by Firefighters, Paintball, Portable emergency oxygen sets, ELSA and other man portable SCBA units.

This course is designed for qualified cylinder testers and it establishes the legal competent person status of cylinder inspection technician in the area of composite cylinder inspection. It is delivered to ASSET’s world class training standard by qualified Technician Instructors with years of current field experience. Taught at a purpose built cylinder inspection facility


  • Differences in inspecting Composite Cylinder over solid steel or solid aluminium
  • Defining defect grades 1,2 & 3 assigned when inspecting composite cylinder defect types.
  • Lifetime issues. Hydro-static testing cycle issues.
  • Temperature, UV, Salt water sensitivity issues

Workshop: Practice in inspecting a range of composite cylinders with defects grades 1,2 & 3

Course Pre requisites: ASSET or IDEST Cylinder Testers qualification

INCLUDES: Handbook: Course Completion Certificate