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Technician training in relation to: ASSET Standards and IDEST Approval

Expansion of the IDEST Approval Scheme

The Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST) is an independent organization that has been set up to establish acceptable standards for the servicing and testing of sport diving equipment.

ASSET, IDEST and SITA have joined forces and agreed to set comprehensive standards for the maintenance and testing of Diving Equipment by implementing an expanded Standards and Approval Scheme developed by ASSET. Last year IDEST expand its operation, adding approval for Regulator Maintenance (compressed air). During 2000 approval for Oxygen/Nitrox Equipment Maintenance and the Preparation of Breathing Gases will be added to the IDEST scheme.

Technician Training is central to the above agreement. In order to achieve IDEST Approval and comply with ASSET Codes of Practice, the Service Center or Test Station must employ ASSET Technicians holding the appropriate Certification.

IDEST Approval and ASSET Technician Certification

In order to satisfy the requirement for a “Competent Person”, ASSET has set Certification Grades for its Technician Members; Technicians are graded according to training and experience. These grades are: Associate, Technician, Advanced Technician, Cylinder Tester and Nitrox Technician.

  • An IDEST Approved Regulator Service Center working in accordance with ASSET CP1 must Employ an ASSET Advanced Technician.
  • An IDEST Approved Cylinder Test Station working in accordance with ASSET CP2 must Employ an ASSET Cylinder Tester.
  • An IDEST Approved Nitrox Service Center working in accordance with ASSET CP3 must Employ an ASSET Nitrox Technician.
  • An IDEST Approved Breathing Gas Producer working in accordance with ASSET CP4 must Employ an ASSET Nitrox Gas Blender and/or Compressor Operator.

NOTE : In order to comply with IDEST renewal requirements all existing IDEST cylinder testing stations will be required to work in accordance with ASSET CP2 and employ an ASSET certified cylinder tester.

Technicians Training

ASSET Certified Technicians receive comprehensive theoretical and practical training. A comprehensive range of highly practical Certification courses have been developed, which include:

  • The Dive Industry Technicians Course – required for Technician/Advanced Technician.
  • A Nitrox Technician and Gas Blending Course
  • A Cylinder Testing Course.
  • A Compressor Operators Course.
  • An NVQ in Engineering Maintenance.

The Dive Industry Technicians Course has been available for a number of years and over 700 Technicians have been trained. All ASSET courses have been developed by STATS Ltd., Lancaster.

Through a short evaluation and orientation course, provision has been made to certify Technicians with considerable practical experience but who have no formal qualifications.